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Company as netizen

Business network for Companies, Persons and Projects


Companyan.com unites all Companies, Persons and completed Projects on a single platform with indication of business Connections between them. Thus, it provides a transparent environment for analysis of the market of Companies, Persons, Projects and solving any task faced by Companies or Persons.




Company is a Legal person, Company, Sole proprietor, Organization, Political party,  Movement, Brand ...

Person is a natural person representing their interests for business or work.

Project is a unique solution or product which is already completed or in the process of planning or realization.

Examples of projects: Construction objects, Real estate, Weddings, Making a movie, Chinese Russian oil pipeline, Trip, Expedition, Presidential Elections, Nabucco gas pipeline, Construction of 4G network in Moscow ...

Each Company or Person can create websites for themselves, their Companies or Projects with various sections and text/photo/video/audio materials. They can also create their own new sections.

On the Structure tab of their website, Companies can create holding structures indicating other companies as "Daughters" or "Parents".


On the Connections tab of their website, Companies and Persons can select other Companies or Persons, thereby indicating their business relationships with other business representatives.

In Connections, Companies or Persons can select any Company or Person created at Сompanyan.com.


Types of Connections:

1. Partners
2. Friends
3. Contractors
4. Customers
5. Investors
6. Owners and founders
7. Clients

8. Suppliers
9. Daughters
10. Parents
11. Personnel
12. Employers
13. Colleagues



Connections are displayed both on the Connections tab of your website and in the Connections zone on the right side of the page of Company or Person.

On the Website you can always find information about Companies, Persons and Projects. Which Company has what kind of connections with another Company, Person or Project, what connections the Person has with Companies, Persons or Projects.


For example:

A large construction and investment holding company can create a page for it’s Companies, Projects (construction and investment objects) and specify Connections between them.

Other Companies and Persons can also specify a type of business relations with these Companies and Projects, who performed what kind of work in these Projects - Subcontractors, Customers, Planners, Designers, Consultants, Concept, Safety, Investors, Suppliers, Management, Maintenance...


Another example:

A person organizing and holding weddings can create a page as a Person or Company and provide all necessary information for promotion  of their services.

They can create wedding pages as Projects and specify all participants and Connections of the event. Or other participants can find this wedding (Project) and indicate themselves as participants (Connections) - Photographers, Toastmasters, Musicians, Drivers, Designers,...


You can easily and quickly create and fill in pages at Companyan.com  without any programming or administration skills.

Each page of a Company, Person and Project is assigned a domain name, which you specify when creating a page (for example, Coca-Cola.Companyan.com, Ivanov.Companyan.com, IBM.Companyan.com, Moscow-plaza.Companyan.com ...).

After that, anyone can access your page at this address.


Initially pages of Companies, Persons and Projects are public for editing. The reason is that you can create all pages you need to indicate Connections.  To restrict editing your pages by other users, you should Register them. Only you can edit the pages after Registration.


After registration, you will have a personal account where you can

    1. Re-enable option of editing the page by all website users.

    2. Add keywords for automatic promotion of your page on the Internet.
    3. Add Google Analytics code for statistics of your page.

    4. Sign up for various news and events of selected Companies, Persons and Projects.

You will see all your subscriptions at the bottom of Companyan.com homepage after logging in.

    5. See the Companies and Persons signed up for your website events.


The Website also provides other services for comfortable representing your interests on the Internet.

They include Map, Needs, Offers, Reviews, Events, Store.

You can find more details about Website functions in the Help section.


Use functions of Companyan.com to


1. Present and promote your interests and skills on the Internet in a structured way.

2. Get a clear picture on a Company, Person and Project and make quick decisions for accomplishing your tasks.


All Website functions are free.


 Currently we are working on the following functions that will appear in the near future:


    1. Business Map, where you can get a visual and graphical view of all business connections sorted by industries or selected Companies, Persons and Projects.

    2. Ratings.
    3. Data storage with option of sharing.

    4. Groups and inter-group electronic document circulation.
    5. Links with social networks.

    6. Intelligent search on the website, internet, social networks and binding them.

     7. Privatization.

    8. And many other interesting things...


Contact us with any questions or suggestions:

    E-mail: info@companyan.com,

    Feedback form.