Tasks and Solutions

You’re facing a task to

     - Create a website of Your Company?
     - Create a website of Your Person?
     - Create a website of Your Project?


     - Tell others about your services and products?
     - Show your business connections and opportunities?
     - Boast with executed Projects?
     - Show which reputable companies have worked with you on the Projects?


Or you’re facing a task to

    - Get full information about Companies, Persons and Projects?
    - Find out which Companies, Persons and Projects are connected?



    - Search for suppliers, contractors or customers?
    - Tell about your Offers, Needs, Tenders and Competitions?

    - Share your Offers with other Companies, Persons or Projects?
    - Promote your product or services?

    - Promote information about your exhibitions, conferences and seminars?
    - Share your Reviews and Recommendations on the Companies, Persons and Projects?

    - Organize various Events and Meetings?

    - Sell (or find) old furniture, appliances or equipment of your Company?


And you don’t have enough budget, time and experts for that?


Then you need Companyan.com!





Here is the solution.


Search for information about Companies, Persons and Projects on Companyan.com 

Search for information about various Events and news of these Companies, Persons and Projects.


On Companyan.com you can

    - Create a fully functional website of your Company
    - Create a fully functional website of your Person
    - Create fully functional Websites of your Projects

    - Indicate your business relations in the Connections tab of your website. Specify your partners, friends, contractors, customers, clients, suppliers, colleagues and others.


After registering your pages you can


On Companyan.com you can post your

     - News
     - Needs and Offers
     - Reviews and Recommendations
     - Tenders
     - Exhibitions
     - Conferences
     - Seminars and trainings

     - Meetings
     - Private Events (Parties, Meetings, Festivals, ...)
     - Sales



All users can sign up to all your events and be aware of your activity, comment on it and get answers.

You can also sign up to events of other Companies, Persons and Projects.


On Companyan.com you can promote created websites of your Companies, Persons and Projects.  Make your Websites easy-to-reach for internet users.

You can also use analytics tools for statistics of your Websites.


And it all is free ...

You can find more details in About the websiteHelp and FAQ at Companyan.com