User Agreement

This User Agreement regulates relations between you, a natural person or legal entity (hereinafter "User"), and the Administration of the Internet service (hereinafter "Administration") concerning the use of the Internet service 

1. Terms and definitions

This section establishes terms and definitions that will be used in the text of this User Agreement.

Company is a Commercial organization or a Sole proprietor whose main goal is carrying out economic activity.

Person is a representative of business community (employee of a commercial or non-commercial organization, Businessman, ...).

Project is a unique process or result of a process consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activity types with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve a goal meeting specific requirements limited by time, cost and resources.

Data is data sets of different topics expressed in the form of texts, images, graphics, audio and video materials, design elements, scripts, etc. is a hardware and software system developed for realization of business communication through a website located at, as well as for combining Companies, Persons and Projects by industrial, professional, geographical and other characteristics.

Software of is software located on the website at, providing functioning of and generating Data of Companies, Persons, Projects and information connected with them.

User is a natural person, at least 18 years old, or representative of a legal person Registered in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, adding or editing content at User accepts the Terms of Use of

Registered User is a natural person, at least 18 years old, who has created an account at or legal representative of a person who is Registered in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, adding or editing content at on behalf of their Account. Registered user accepts the Terms of Use of

Account is a set of information that can uniquely identify User during the use of functions of The account is created independently by the User by providing information on the corresponding page of To access the Account, User uses e-mail address and password received during registration.

 When entering  using Account, User becomes Registered user.


2. The subject of the agreement

In accordance with this User Agreement, Administration provides User (Registered user) a capability to use on the terms and conditions defined in this User Agreement.

This Agreement shall enter into force at the moment of adding or editing Data by User (Registered user) at

By editing Data on, User (Registered User) fully agrees to the terms of this User Agreement.


3. The rights and obligations of User (Registered User)


User (Registered User) of has a right to use it for effective communication with representatives of the business community and represent their interests.

User (Registered User) of undertakes to follow the terms of this User Agreement and any additions to it.

User (Registered User) undertakes to inform Administration of any known situations that are a potential threat to the safe functioning of

User (Registered User) undertakes not to enter personal information on and acknowledges that is a corporate resource.

Registered User shall immediately notify Administration of any unauthorized use of their Account, as well as known cases of lost confidentiality of the password used by Registered User to access their Account.

Registered User shall be liable for all actions with the usage of the corresponding Account.

User (Registered User) shall have no right to use for dissemination of extremist materials, expression of hatred or aversion to any religion, culture, race, nationality, language, etc., spread threats of violence or physical harm, as well as for any other illegal activity.

NOTE: Administration warns you that in case of revealing unlawful actions of Users (Registered users), Administration shall immediately contact the law enforcement agencies with a corresponding application and will provide all possible assistance in formation of the evidentiary basis for it’s further use in the corresponding legal proceedings.

User (Registered user) undertakes to enter only accurate information on avoiding it’s distortion.

User (Registered user) undertakes not to use for distribution of any confidential and legally protected information about natural persons or legal entities.

User also undertakes to avoid any actions that may result in disclosing legally protected information.

User (Registered User) agrees to use carefully and with due diligence without infringement of intellectual property rights.

User (Registered user) undertakes not to take any actions aimed at causing harm to software or hardware of (spread of viral programs, hacking servers, etc.)

Personal data entered by User (Registered user) at registration or on the pages of, including a last name, date of birth, place of residence, study, work and other information displayed on the pages of (hereinafter - personal data) are processed by Administration for execution of this agreement, providing targeted advertising and Services, providing services to User (Registered user) through the Site and Partner Services of Administration.

By using, User (Registered User) agrees to processing their personal data by Administration, displaying their personal data and to the fact that personal data will be considered public.

All data entered or edited by User at  can be edited, deleted, refilled by another User or Registered user. To exclude editing the entered Data by another User or Registered user, User should register and become Registered User.

Data of Registered User can not be edited by other Users or Registered users.


4. Rights and obligations of Administration

Administration has the right to block or delete Account of Registered User, as well as edit or delete Data entered by User or Registered User at in case of their failure to follow the terms of this User Agreement.

NOTE: You agree that Administration has the right to edit or delete any data entered on by User or Registered User or refuse any Registered User to access to by blocking or deleting Account of Registered User at any time without any explanations.

Administration has the right to transfer the right to edit data of User (Registered User) to another User (Registered user) if the latter provides justified information about competence of specified Data. Administration reserves the foundation of these actions.


5. Exclusive rights


Exclusive rights for all objects located at, such as software and Data, belong to their respective owners. By posting on objects of your exclusive rights, you give other Users non-exclusive rights to these objects.

Other Users (Registered users) have the right to view, copy or otherwise use objects of exclusive rights belonging to you for non-commercial purposes.

Objects of exclusive rights, accessed by User (Registered user), may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes provided that all signs of authorship, as well as the author's name, are preserved intact.

By adding objects of exclusive rights on, User (Registered User) enables Administration to make copies of these objects for their publishing on and backup storage. is an open information resource which the content is added mainly by Users (Registered users).

Administration is not responsible for accuracy of such information as well as for violation of exclusive rights of third parties, which may be infringed by Users (Registered users).

None of provisions of this User Agreement, as well as several provisions together, can be regarded as transfer of exclusive rights belonging to Administration to any party.


6. Software


When using, you use the software located on the website at (hereinafter "software"). All rights to this software belong to Administration. User (Registered user) may not use the software for commercial purposes.  Users (Registered users) may not copy, modify the software, separate it into parts and use them for their purposes. Intellectual property rights on the content, which is not part of the software, but accessed using the software, and regarding it belong to the owners of rights on that content and is protected by applicable laws. User (Registered user) has no rights to use such content.


7. Disclaimer of Administration is constantly updated and elaborated by Administration. In this connection, Administration does not guarantee it’s smooth functioning, as well as the fact that this service is applicable for achieving particular purposes or results.

Under no circumstances Administration shall be liable to User (Registered user) for possible consequences of use of

Administration shall not be liable for Data entered by User (Registered user) on


8. Final provisions


User (Registered User) agrees that all relations between User (Registered user) and Administration under this User Agreement are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.

User (Registered User) agrees that Administration may unilaterally change the terms of this User Agreement at any time.

The use of after making changes to the User Agreement by Administration means agreement of User (Registered user) with these changes.


NOTE: If you do not agree with any provision of this User Agreement, do not use